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Kelly Kreye lives in Brooklyn, NY but he can be found pretty much anywhere at any given time; Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Nashville, Memphis, Pittsburgh.  He loves to travel and share his experiences through his music so hopefully he can do this with you sometime.  Originally, Kelly grew up just outside of the small town of Stony Plain, AB, with two older sisters, a bunch of weird pets (such as Canadian Geese) and dogs who had an affinity to chase after cars on the highway - they all died, the cars won 100% of the time.  After answering an ad in a local newspaper in Vancouver, BC he became an international model.  Don't believe me?  Check out a documentary about him HERE.  Since then he has been a bartender, a concrete former, a business owner, a carpenter, a comedian and actor - you name it, he has pretty much done it.  All the while he has looked inward and outward of himself trying to express who he is, how he sees the world and what is happening around him.  Some of the answers come through his music, please enjoy.

Flying w/ Kites

by Kelly Kreye

I wrote a couple of songs and ended up recording them in Toronto. My friend Dylan Green (Raising the Fawn/City & Colour) was kind enough to record, play drums and co-produced the album. Scott Remila (Raising the Fawn/City & Colour) was also kind enough to play bass on the album. And finally, Vince Rice (Stella Ella Ola) was kind enough to allow me to not only stay at his place, but for us to record in his basement. I hope you enjoy.
*ps - if you click on the free button right here you will download the entire album which will give you a bonus track.

  1. 1 [Info] All I Want Is You 02:16
  2. 2 [Lyrics] Jennah 03:12
  3. 3 [Lyrics] Broken Man 02:48


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